Klondike Steve's Blog

I believe there is no cure for gold fever!  I am here to help!  Make it better or worse I can’t say.  I wish to provide you with information and offer for sale, mines, claims, equipment, and gold.

You know you have a bad case of gold fever if……

  • You wake up at night seeing gold in the sluicebox. (I do)
  • You yell at Todd Hoffman when the “GOLD RUSH” show is on.
  • You yell at Jack Hoffman when he is digging over here and over there.
  • A shovel and a pan will not quench the fever.
  • You think…know you could do a better job than the Hoffmans.

A little about my connection to the Discovery Channel Show “GOLD RUSH”:

I met Jack Hoffman in 1983, we were both mining near Circle Hot Springs Alaska.  We visited each other’s mines and commiserated about permafrost and the other typical difficulties of mining.   Jack and I have visited from time to time over the years, as we both live near Portland Oregon.  A couple of years ago I met Todd, he and Jack said they had decided to go mining up north.  I told them about my sons and my properties near Dawson and that they were for sale for cash.   Jack, Todd and some of their guys came to the shop to look at some of my equipment.  I guess it was all “not cheap enough” for their budget.  I recently visited with them in The Yukon, I like them and wish only the very best for them, and plan to help them however I can.  Maybe I can do business with them too!  I was able to show them around Dawson and they liked it (even though it was cold…really cold}.  I may consider leasing some claims to them next season.

Watch our bit filmed at 40 degrees below zero!  Google “The new Canadian Claims”.