Tromel for sale

I rebuilt this tromel in 2010.  It is about 36″ diameter and 12 ‘ long with 6 ‘ of scrubber and 6′ of screen.  An 8′ long 6’ wide  sluice box can be lifted for transport.  Hydraulic riffles help the recovery and extend the time between cleanups.  The first riffle is made separate for quick testing.  An on board water filter helps keep the hydraulic riffles from plugging with debris.  The tromel is driven by a 5 horse power electric motor.  I was able to wash 30 yards per hour in very sticky clay.

A larger tailing conveyor should probably be added to increase production.  This machine should do as much as 65 yards and hour in the right ground!  I am asking $35,000 including a 30 KW diesel generator.

Wet tapered grizzly at work!

I am loading up heading to the mine!

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