My testing in 2012

I took a drill to Dawson this summer to do my assessment work on my hill top claims known as the GM claims.  I had dug some holes before, but had not really panned any of the gravel before.  This time along with panning the drill cuttings we panned out of some of the cuts from last year.  We found the layer of gravel that starts at about 1 ‘ deep has gold in it!  I had not bothered before as I didn’t think there would be anything that shallow!  At 8 and 10 ‘ deep we panned out 5 to 10 colors per pan!  They were fairly small, but visible without my glasses.  We tested a triangle that may represent about 50 acres.  I am excited because it looks good to mine the top layer!  We did not get to bed rock where the best pay should be.  The rest of the property is more or less unexplored at least as far as testing, which is kind of strange because it is only a mile or two from Dawson, but my family has had it for over 20 years.  The property is huge…I am guessing 600 acres!  We saw an old timers shaft and some hand stacked rocks from early mining at the lower end of the property.  We didn’t find any permafrost!

I am in the process of getting my water license on this property.  It should be finished by next summer.

I would lease or sell this property.  I really only want to lease to someone who has mining experience.


The pool of people who think panning is fun needs replenished often!



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