Claims available in 2012

I was contacted by some people while I was in Dawson this summer who have claims they want to sell.  One fellow has 9 claims near the Mayo area.  He has a water license in place so the property is ready to mine.  He is poor health so he really wants to sell.  He needed a bigger dozer to open the road over the mountains to the mine.  He had a D-5, but he thinks a D-8 would do it.  A big snow drift…

I believe he wanted $400,000


My friend Darrel has claims on Clear Creek, between Dawson and Whitehorse.  I saw the results of his testing.  He showed me some nice flakes in a vile.  He said he was getting about 10 of these colors per paint bucket.

He has not set a price yet.

Hillside probably frozen!


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