I have been involved with mining since 1982.  I love the north country and like any excuse to talk about Alaska and The Yukon Territory.  Gold is one of the better things to talk about and really great to find!!!!!  I have found quite a bit over the years.  My father started prospecting with my brothers and I when we were young.  To me mining is much better than prospecting.  Mining is a lot of hard work like prospecting, but you often have a lot more gold to show for it.  I mined in the Dawson City area of the Yukon known as the Klondike, from 1990 – 1994.  I worked Ready Bullion Creek in 1993 and 1994.  In 1995 the Beaverton Oregon newspaper wrote an article about my mining.  They called me Klondikesteve.  If you want to get off the couch-and do some mining-get in touch!